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  • Carl Mostert

Beat the COVID blues with Family, Food and Wine

Well, on the Labor Day weekend 2020 in Carlsbad CA, we have COVID-19, crazy hot temperatures of 99F at the beach, and a huge fire in East County where local temperatures are 115F! Imagine fighting fires in that...! To our brave and dedicated firefighters we say Thank you, Thank you Thank you...

We have been living in Carlsbad, California, for the past 19 years and while we desparately miss family, friends and the special culture in South Africa, we love living here. (Cape Town is 34 degrees South - Carlsbad is 33 degrees North, almost on the opposing sides of the planet, with many of the plants that thrive in our SoCal gardens, originating in South Africa)

So, what to do, but to educate our American friends about South African style Food, Wine and hospitality...

Start out the afternoon with a few backyard games. We chose Ladderball, my wife Beppie, and myself challenged my daughter Kim-Ashleigh and her Husband Eric. Build a couple of cold cocktails :- Gin and Tonics for the old fogies and Moscow Mules for the young'uns and we were good to go. (FYI, the old farts kicked their butts - mostly through devious distractions and artful cunning :-)

But soon it was time to start with the real thing... On a hot afternoon, what makes sense? - a Seafood Potjie, fresh Sourdough bread all, paired with a well-chilled South African Chenin Blanc!

The start of something good, always takes fresh ingredients, a little effort, love, and attention. I believe the rewards are fantastic and well worth it.

In a cast-iron potjie, I always start with olive oil, chopped onion and garlic.... Add tomato paste, curry powder, chili, lemon juice, fresh-ground salt and pepper and combine the wonderful flavors and aromas.

Add white wine to develop a broth. Simmer and reduce, add a little sugar to balance the taste. It should taste really yummy at this point.

Ready for the seafood... add prawns, calamari, scalops, mussels and cod. (I like to use cod as it it remains firm and does not fall apart in the pot) Add oregano and parsley, simmer for about 8 minutes and serve.

We love to serve our potjie with fresh baked Sourdough bread. I have my own cultivated sourdough starter called Oumie that is is a super performer. (A story for another post...)

To make this meal really yummy add a fresh salad and you're good to go!

We paired this delicious and tasty meal with a great SA wine from the Swartland, a Mullineux Family Kloof Street Chenin.

Hope to see you back soon for more Food, Wine and Wildlife stories from us

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