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  • Carl Mostert

South African food experience & some wine of course...

South Africa has a rich cultural heritage, with mixed races and nations contributing in various ways - not all in a pretty fashion. But there is a very rich infusion of foods, recipes and and gourmet delights to experience while you are on this adventure, so bring your taste-buds along and be prepared to be amazed!

You will have an opportunity to partake in various cuisines that the country has to offer, from traditional African meat stews with rich sauces and corn based Pap (think African style grits or Polenta), to Indian curries, to Malay style fish and sweet desserts, to traditional Afrikaans potjiekos (Dutch oven cooking). Of course there is the MUST HAVE South African braai (BBQ) and Biltong (Jerky).

Basically we are carnivores....

Many cultural influences make up the South African palate: - Traditional African, Indian, Malay, Portuguese, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian....

And yes for those who miss home too much or are not as adventurous, there is always a big Mac or pizza :-) Leave your scales at home and enjoy the massive variety and gastronomic fare that is constantly offered to you as part of the warm South African hospitality.

It's hard work if you consider a typical day on Safari:

  • 5:00 Wake with Tea/Coffee and Rusks (dunkers)

  • 5:30am Go on an exciting game drive

  • 8:00am Stop for a full breakfast spread of bacon, eggs, cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurt coffee

  • 10:00am Bush walk or excursion with a trained ranger

  • 11:30 am Collapse on your bed for a midday nap

  • 1:00pm wake and sit down to a gourmet lunch with wine, beer and beverage of your choice

  • 2:30pm Laze at the pool or watch animals at the waterhole, update social media, snooze

  • 4:00pm Tea and scones

  • 4:30pm Game drive

  • 6:00pm Sundowners in the bush

  • 6:30pm Game drive to see emerging night predators

  • 7:30 Back in the camp, shower, shampoo and meet in the bar for pre-dinner drinks

  • 8:30 Spectacular Dinner spread and discuss the sightings and experiences of the day

  • 10:00pm Nightcap in the bar, see a Billion stars and listen to the sounds of the night

  • 11:00pm Crash into bed and start dreaming

This is sure to open your mind up to what a great experience life can be!

For those of you who are less inclined on the meat, we are also blessed with the most amazing array of fresh fruit and vegetables...

Traveling with us is a gastronomic delight!

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