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Glass of Red Wine


Vintales - Carl Mostert's
love of food, nature, the outdoors, wine and vineyard life....

Vintales reflects the passion and enthusiasm that Carl has for the world and pleasure of wine.
Carl's wine philosphy: - " enjoying wine is a journey, you never know all there is to know and every experience is a new one"
His interest in wine stems from growing up in a family culture where wine was always part of the meal as well as some family members involvement in various aspects of wine from farming to wine-making and the wine promotion in South Africa. 

Having spent his entire career as an engineer and businessman in the high-tech and software world, Carl has taken his love and enjoyment of wine seriously starting out as a cellar-rat learning the ropes, to completing programs of studies in both wine-making and wine appreciation.
Together with Beppie, the love of his life, they incorporate their joint love of of travel, history and sharing wine experiences with interested acquaintances and friends and participate and promote various fun filled activities such as gourmet supper wine parings, tasting groups, wine-travel trips, wine list recommendations and consulting for hospitality businesses. 



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