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Wine n' Wildlife trips to South Africa

On my infrequesnt blog postings, I have posted quite a bit the WINE parts of our tours to South Africa, so maybe some more information on the WILDLIFE parts would be of interest....

An African Bush Sunrise

Getting up close and seeing wild animals in their natural habitats is always a thrilling experience. Even though I lived in Africa fo most of my life and have spent a huge amount of time with animals in the bush, in South Africa and in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, it never ceases to be an absolute thrilling experience!

Elephant at Madikwe

Elephant at Madikwe Camp

This what we strive to share with you when visiting a game lodge on our travels. There is never a guarantee of what we will see or experience. (it is NOT a zoo) and the animals move and interact with nature completely at their own pace and agenda. Survival in the bush is a tough, brutal and messy existance and we are mostly priviledged to witness it first hand on our Safaris.

Tanda Tula waterhole

We choose to stay at lodges that create a special environment, melding the beauty of the African bush with upscale ammenities and accomodations that will provide you with a safe haven and fanatastic facilities. We are all aware that it is the people that create a special environment and atmosphere for us to spend time in. At Vintales, we prefer to spend our money with Safari companies that have a deep rooted corporate culture of upliftment and development of their staff, mostly who come from the local communities. As visitors we are able to experience the genuine warmth and hospitality of these people while facilitating significant improvements and econimic upliftment for them and their families.

Up close to a Male Lion

Enough of my soapbox...come and join us for the thrilling pre-dawn game drives and experience a tracker from the proud Shangaan tribe, sitting on the front of the vehicle and tracking a hidden Lion or Leopard at 20 MPH - THAT is some skill!

Some more on the next posting....

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